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Ridhima Parvathaneni

Ridhima is a graduate of the Wharton Business School's Jerome Fisher Program where she obtained dual degrees in Business Management and Systems Engineering. She was the President of the Wharton Supply Chain Organization and interned at Deloitte and Ernst & Young. She is now involved in new business initiatives at the Seaways Group where she is passionate about conceptualizing and implementing large infrastructure projects and end-to-end supply chains. She believes in innovation and nation building - the two pillars of the Indian Impact.

Nidhi Balasubramaniam
VP - Marketing

Nidhi is a User Operations Specialist at Facebook Inc with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She is an expert in traditional and social media marketing and given her background in Psychology, knows the nuances of building strong brands and motivating customers. She devices the Indian Impact marketing strategy with the goal of truly inspiring fellow Indians to reduce malnutrition. Nidhi is passionate about blogging on solutions to India's issues and innovative social impact in general.

   Strategic Team

Shylaen Keshwani
VP - Research & Operations

Shylaen is a Masters student in Operations Research and Mechanical Engineering. He conducts extensive research on India's malnutrition problem and identifies areas where the Indian Impact can step in to improve. He interned at Porsche where he researched & fabricated a split cycle engine model. Just as he is living his dream of studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, he wants millions of young Indians to recover from malnutrition and live their own dreams as well.

Richard Liu
Web Design

Richard is a Computer Science, Entrepreneurship and Bio-Engineering major at Wharton. He is passionate about designing websites with an unparalleled UI/UX. He is the Student Director at the Weiss Tech House, the VP-Technology at the Wharton Supply Chain Organization and a TEDxPenn speaker.

Shalini Harshwal

Shalini is a budding film-maker responsible for the Indian Impact campaign video. With a Masters Degree in Communications Studies and a background in Psychology, she is an expert in the art of genuine storytelling, capturing nuances, and evoking emotions in her viewers.

  Creative Team

Jenny Fan
Branding & Graphic Design

Jenny is a New York based designer & artist experienced in web user experience, graphics and illustrations, and print layout/typography. She is a Wharton graduate currently working in a digital marketing consultancy as a customer experience strategist.

About the Indian Impact

The Indian Impact is the first and only online platform to reduce the alarming level of malnutrition in India. For the first time ever, citizens and corporations will be able to easily locate and improve Anganwadi Centers or support innovative NGO projects that are successfully reducing malnutrition in the interior villages and high-risk zones of India. The Indian Impact originated in March 2013 on the Wharton Business School campus when a group of students read an article about India's malnutrition emergency. Today, the Indian Impact is a powerful medium to unlock the massive potential of the nation's children.

The Indian Impact Features

Easy Involvement

Locate a nearby Anganwadi center, download the short guide, visit & improve your Anganwadi. Impact made.

Instant Impact

Explore 4 amazing NGO projects,select your favourite one, donate to its specified urgent need. Impact made.

Significant outreach

The Indian Impact covers all 868 functioning Anganwadi Centers in the city of Hyderabad. It also features NGO projects from Khandhwa district in Madhya Pradesh to the slums in Ahmedabad to Mumbai's Dharavi.