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First 1000 Days

Project: First 1000 Days

Spandan is run by Prakash & Seema, who founded the famous N.R.E.G.A (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act). They were also awarded the prestigious ASHOKA India Fellowship in 2006.

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How you can help

  • 1) Donate: Cost of maintaining one crèche all year round with all facilities (food, medicine, toys):
    Rs 95,000.

    Donate Online Donate by Cheque
    Such a small amount required to make a big impact on our children

  • 2) Volunteer: Make reports, you-tube videos and case-studies on this crèche model so the government and other NGOs too can implement it.

  • Contact

    Seema Prakash
    0733 2225501
Share this amazing project with your friends & colleagues. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.