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Reducing malnutrition in Dharavi

Project Highlights

  • SNEHA’s project has covered a staggering  17,000 kids in Mumbai’s urban slums
  • Malnutrition brought down by 20% in severely & acutely malnourished children from Oct 2012-Mar 2013
  • How SNEHA succeeds:
    • -Educate pregnant & lactating mothers on how to take care of themselves and their new-borns
      - Weigh the kids of the slum every month to identify malnourished children and admit them in their day care center for treatment
      -  SNEHA’s foot soldiers are none other than women from the slum who go door-to-door and carry out this intervention. These foot soldiers use smart phones to upload data in real time!

    Project : Reducing malnutrition in Dharavi

    SNEHA is a Mumbai based NGO which is successfully reducing malnutrition in Mumbai’s urban slums – Dharavi, Kandivali, and Mankhurd-Govandi. SNEHA’s work has been featured on top news channels such as NDTV.


    How you can help

    • 1) Fund: To reduce malnutrition throughout Dharavi: Rs 2 crores needed

      Contact SNEHA for a detailed corporate presentation

    • Fund by cheque

      Contact SNEHA

      Sharmila Kher
      9820548215, 022-26614488

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