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Power of mobile technology to reduce malnutrition

Project Highlights

  • Naandi wants to harness the power of mobile to document and analyze data from its field intervention – which is crucial to assess how many children have been saved from malnutrition and where exactly there is need for improvement.

  • Such a mobile application can be used nationwide by any NGO or any Anganwadi – which will revolutionize India’s fight against malnutrition.

  • For details on Naandi’s Field Intervention, Click here

    Project: Power of mobile technology to reduce malnutrition

    Naandi is one of India's top NGOs whose recent ground-breaking report on malnutrition was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Naandi’s phenomenal work has been featured in The Hindu, Times of India, and Indian Express.


    How you can help

    • 1) Calling startups, app development firms, and entrepreneurs: Design a mobile application for Naandi (which can be scaled up nation-wide) to revolutionize India’s fight against malnutrition and earn the status of an excellent innovation. This will be a paid contract.

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      Rohan Shamapant
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