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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Indian Impact?

The Indian Impact is the first and only online platform to reduce malnutrition in India. For the first time ever, citizens and corporations can easily locate & improve a nearby Anganwadi Center or support an innovative NGO project that is reducing malnutrition in the high-risk zones. In other words, it's your go-to platform to address a national emergency.

The Indian Impact is a registered non-profit.

What is an Anganwadi Center?

Anganwadi Centers were launched by the Government of India in 1975 to check malnutrition.Each locality has an Anganwadi Center which provides supplementary breakfast and lunch, immunization, and informal pre-school education to the locality's 3-6 year olds.The Anganwadi workers also counsel mothers on feeding & caring practices. But many Anganwadis suffer from poor infrastructure and inadequate food - which is significantly hurting their efforts to reduce malnutrition. In total, there are 1.33 million centers all over India making this scheme the world's largest child nutrition program.

Does the Indian Impact have a formal Government permit that allows its registered members to get involved or adopt nearby Anganwadi Centers?

Yes. If you would like a copy of the formal permit from the Department of Women Development & Child Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh, that enables registered Indian Impact members to get involved or adopt nearby centers, please email us at

Apart from issuing a formal permit to the Indian Impact , the Department has also formed a committee to assist, direct, or address concerns of registered Indian Impact members towards easier Anganwadi Adoption. This committee is represented as follows :

Chairman - Mrs.Nilam Sawhney, Principal Secretary
Vice Chairman - Mr.Chiranjiv Choudary, Commissioner
Director - Mrs.Sarla Rajyalakshmi, Joint Director - ICDS

Where did the Indian Impact obtain the addresses of the Anganwadis in its database? Why are some Anganwadis not assigned phone numbers and how do I reach them?

The Department for Women, Childen,Disabled & Senior Citizens of the Government of Andhra Pradesh maintains a database of district wise Anganwadi Centers in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This database can also be found online through the Department's E-Sadhana initiative.

The mobile numbers listed are those of the Anganwadi workers - consequently, if the worker does not own a mobile phone, her Anganwadi by default is not assigned a number. Incase you would like to get through to one such center, please contact us at info@theindianimpact and we shall direct you to an alternate concerned person.

As a citizen, can I go beyond what is provided in the 'How to improve your Anganwadi' checklist or the recommended teaching syllabus?

The checklist provided to citizens features the essential items that may be lacking in your Anganwadi and the fulfillment of which is urgent. You can definitely provide more facilities such as desks,better roofing & walls, playground or a compound wall which are popular with the children. In terms of food, a popular practice is arranging for your milkman to drop off milk at the Anganwadi Center every morning.

The syllabus uploaded is a standardized curriculum for 3 - 6 year old children recommended by leading NGOs such as Bangalore-based Akshara Foundation. You can certainly design more activities around this core syllabus.

For corporations, the 'How to Improve your Anganwadi' Guide gives an option to partner with Akshaya Patra Foundation to supply additional quantity of hot,nutritious meals to adopted Anganwadis. What is the Akshaya Patra Foundation?

Akshaya Patra is one of the top NGOs in India providing daily nutritious meals to 1.3 million children studying in government schools. It operates centralized and decentralized kitchens in 19 locations spread across 9 Indian states, and works in partnership with the Central & State Governments to supply food at the government schools.

Corporations adopting Anganwadis through the Indian Impact have an option to tie-up with Akshaya Patra for supplying higher quantity of nutritious food at their Anganwadis.

For more information, visit

On what basis did the Indian Impact select the 4 NGOs featured in its Project Gallery?

The Indian Impact will feature 4 NGO projects at a time based on :
- Credibility
- Urgency of support
- Results of past/existing projects
- Effective and/or innovative approach to solving malnutrition.

Does the Indian Impact list non-monetary requirements of the NGOs as well?

Yes. The Indian Impact provides flexibility to its users by listing both monetary and non-monetary requirements of the NGOs. Popular ways to help in-kind are providing marketing/branding support to the NGOs by updating their web presence, making short You-Tube videos, or writing photo-essays to document their successful results in reducing malnutrition.

Additionally, refer to the Pro-bono section of the website where you can sign up to provide a specific service to the NGOs at a discounted/waived fee.

Does my donation directly reach the NGOs? Does the Indian Impact charge a commission fee to feature NGOs?

Yes. All donations are directly credited to the NGOs ; the Indian Impact does not route any donations. Once you click 'Donate' on a specific NGO's page on the Indian Impact, you will be redirected to the NGO's official donation page.

No, the Indian Impact does not charge any commission fee to feature an NGO. Selection of NGOs is done purely on merit.

Will I get an 80G tax exemption certificate from the NGO that I donate to?

Yes. Instructions are given on the official donation pages of the specific NGOs. You can also call the number listed on the NGO's project page on the Indian Impact or visit its website for more details on receiving the tax exemption certificate.

Are foreign donations accepted?

Yes. All 4 NGOs featured on the Indian Impact can process international donations.

After I donate to a specific NGO project, do I get a progress report or an update on the results?

Yes. The NGO you donated to through the Indian Impact shall email you an update on the results or milestones made possible by your donation. The Indian Impact makes this a prerequisite to feature an NGO in its project gallery.

I'd like to intern or work with the Indian Impact Team to build new features. Who do I contact?

Please contact Nidhi Balasubramaniam at with your resume and a brief description of your intended role.