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November 29, 2013

The Indian Impact unveiled. Ratan Tata & GM Rao inaugurate the ground-breaking online platform to reduce malnutrition in India

Hyderabad - The Indian Impact, the first of its kind initiative in the country founded by a team of Wharton Business School alumni, has been inaugurated by Ratan Tata and G.M.Rao in a high-profile launch at Hyderabad. Leading Corporates including Arijit Sarker - Google’s Director of India Operations and Ajit Rangnekar- Dean of ISB, top-ranking Government Officials, NGOs and students witnessed the unveiling of the website followed by an interactive discussion with Mr.Tata and Mr.Rao.

Malnutrition, a nation-wide crisis, is crippling 42% of India’s children and leading to an estimated 1500 child deaths every day.

In her last month of college, the President of the Indian Impact and a Wharton Business School graduate, Ridhima Parvathaneni had a vision to build a platform through which the public can reduce this widespread malnutrition with a click. The idea attracted the best of talent at Wharton to form a team and create an unparalleled user interface for the website

For the first time, citizens and corporations will now be able to easily locate and improve Anganwadi Centers or support innovative NGO projects that are successfully reducing malnutrition in the interior villages and urban slums of India.

Many Anganwadi Centers, which are run by the Government of India to check malnutrition, are suffering from lack of essential facilities and poor quality and quantity of food. The Indian Impact website is powered to instantly provide the addresses and phone-numbers of the Anganwadi Centers in a particular area, and then directs users to a short checklist of essential items missing in the chosen Anganwadi such as eating plates. This makes it extremely simple for citizens and corporations to give a lifeline to the ailing Anganwadis.

The Indian Impact hence empowers the public to fight malnutrition through easy involvement, significant outreach and instant impact.

“Innovation and nation-building are the two pillars of the Indian Impact. It originated out of the passion and drive to build something to address a national emergency. Today, it is a powerful medium to unlock the massive potential of India’s children” said Ridhima Parvathaneni, the President of the Indian Impact.

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